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Don't ask why, experience it

On Saturday, 27 May, BIOTA outmatched itself again and proved to its community that they are our
favorite night out. The vibes and energy at BIOTA are like no other. You need to have experienced
BIOTA to understand why people love it so much.


Hundreds of people were eager and
enthusiastic for another edition of BIOTA,
and it showed. The high ticket demand
when BIOTA announced it was entirely
sold out proved that this was the place to
be. It was an unforgettable night for those
who did manage to get their tickets. For
the first time, BIOTA brought Angolan
artist Nerú Americano to The Netherlands.

The live performance of Nerú Americano
had everyone on their feet and dancing.
From his famous hit “Tic Taa” to his
newest song, “Paqueta” “he gave us a
performance to remember. It was clear to
see that his energy and performance
influenced the crowd. The crowd’s energy
and enthusiasm were clear as they sang
and danced to all his songs. Some crowd
members even went as far as to jump on
the stage to join him.


BIOTA’s very own BIOTA Soundsystem gave
us an incredible show in which the best
deejay in town, Kevin Key, performed, emcee
Denzel, and Zino, who describes himself as
“more than just a DJ, more than just a
drummer” gave the crowd a unique
performance by mixing your favorite songs
with his drums. Denzel, who has been
the MC for BIOTA for the past three years
but recently decided to take a break to fulfill
his dreams and travel the world, surprised
the BIOTA crew by emceeing one last time.

Denzel knows how to work the crowd and get
the party started with his dance moves and
Even the BIOTA crew could not have been
happier and prouder to have hosted another
remarkable event for their growing
community. The energy, the vibes, and the
smiles said it all… BIOTA is the best party in
town and has a great future ahead.


Aside from Nerú Americano and BIOTA
Soundsystem, there was a surprise
performance from the upcoming Naro,
who performed his new songs “Ala San
de” and “En Die Dingen Daar.” He is
known in The Netherlands for using his
catchphrase “en die dingen daar” on
TikTok, which went viral and eventually
reached DJ Kevin Key, who, together
with Naro, created his song “En Die
Dingen Daar.”


If you haven’t been to BIOTA, you’re
missing out on the best party. Going to
their event feels like a family reunion.
Everyone at the event brings happiness,
kindness, and good vibes. The BIOTA
community is like no other.

The people
that attend are enthusiastic, positive and
enjoy dancing to good music. They are an
open minded community that supports
each other.The people make it the
beautiful community it is.
BIOTA unites people, bringing them
together to enjoy dancing and be

The diversity in people, music, and
deejays make the night come to life. There
are people from all over Europe who
travel only to be part of this great event.
People have traveled from countries such
as Belgium, France, the UK, and Germany
to be part of this event. It’s truly an
unforgettable experience.

The people that go to this event
have an average age of 25, which
varies from 18 to 35. The crowd
mostly consists of women, which is
why BIOTA is the ladies’ favorite
night out.
Ladies, at BIOTA there is only
“women support women” vibes. No
judgments for who you are or what
you wear. You get comments from
ladies telling you how cute you
look, and asking for your outfit
details. It’s not about who has the
best outfit on it’s about making
memories, dancing and having fun!